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Video of Rescued Mama Beagle 'Learning How to Dog' Brings Tears to Our Eyes

Too often we hear stories of dogs being rescued from unethical breeders and testing facilities. We know the poor rescue pups suffered in those conditions, and the frequency at which they must be rescued is heartbreaking. However, it's important to focus on the wonderful outcomes of these rescues, like this wonderful video of a recent rescue beagle.

In the video posted on TikTok by @tribeagles, we get the most adorable yet heartbreaking video of this momma beagle who was rescued from an animal testing facility and it just now 'learning how to dog' after years of captivity. This beautiful beagle named Dory is making the most of her newfound freedom, and she can't decide what she wants to do first! Check out the wonderful video of Dory to see what dilemma she has come across.

OMG, Dory is the multitasking queen! She is just so excited to eat, but doesn't want to let go of her lovely alligator toy.

Everyone in the comments are just as emotional as we are! @blaaaaaaaaahhhhhh said, "IM SOBBING YOU'RE DOING SO GOOD MOMMA DORY," and @lavatree808 commented, "I love beagles, this is heartbreaking to watch. I hope she has many years of cuddles." We know Dory is doing her best, and she will be a great addition to someone's family!

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Others pointed out why this video was so heartbreaking, such as @thestrawpup, who said, "She’s never really been able to be a mom to her puppies, or have toys. This is sweet and heartbreaking. She has a good life now." @momofmanymasterof0 added, "She likely has trauma from loosing her previous babies too early, and the refusal to let go of the toy baby is sad." Oh gosh, now we're really sobbing over here!

We wish all the beagles rescued from this animal testing facility long and happy lives with new owners who will love and care for them the way these pups deserve.

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