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Rescued Beagle's Response to Having His Very First Toy Makes Us Melt

It's second nature for our pets to have toys. In fact, you probably have an entire basket overflowing with toys for them. Every time you go to the store you think, 'Hmm maybe I should get a new toy for my fur baby.' They have so many toys that it's almost overwhelming. So many toys that it's sad to imagine a pet without that luxury. But unfortunately, that's the truth for some animals. 

That's how it was for this sweet Beagle named Froggy who was rescued and brought to an animal shelter in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The shelter, known on TikTok as @humanebroward, rescued 60 out of the 4,000 Beagles from a mass laboratory breeding facility in Virginia that made news in July. Like Froggy, none of those doggos ever had a toy to play with. So heartbreaking. But that's not the case anymore! The shelter surprised the dogs with their own toys. And Froggy's reaction to his very own stuffed animal toy is everything. You'll melt with happiness.

Aww! Froggy wouldn't drop the toy for anything! The caption even says, "Froggy was so excited for his plush frog toy, that he cried with it in his mouth the entire first day." Stop it! You can see this happiness as he's walking around with it in his mouth and his tail wagging. The shelter added that they never see him without a toy in his mouth. SO cute!!

"Aww I'd go broke buy that baby toys," wrote @emily86864. SAME! He would have so many toys that he wouldn't know which one to play with first. LOL! We'd get suckered into buying more from his cuteness. "Who could say no to those eyes!" asked @Sherry Mays Mcdonald. Right?!

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"I hope each and everyone is adopted by a loving, caring and compassionate family who will treat them like gold," said @vickiem285. Well, your wishes have been met! The shelter said Froggy and the rest of the beagles are getting adopted this week. Such a happy ending for these cuties! Now, let's hope Froggy's new family has hundreds of toys waiting for him! 

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