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Rescued Beagle Runs and Plays With Her Puppy in Video That Warms Our Hearts

Beagles are the dog breed that are most often used in animal testing, a practice that still remains far too common. Luckily, there are rescue organizations across the United States that are dedicated to saving animals from testing facilities and inhumane conditions. One of these organizations recently shared a beautiful video of two rescues enjoying their newfound freedom.

Triangle Beagle is a rescue and rehoming organization located in Raleigh, North Carolina. On their TikTok page, @tribeagles, they recently shared a video of a Beagle named Hummingbird playing with her puppy in a big backyard with a lot of space to run and play. The text on the video tells us that Hummingbird was one of the Beagles rescued from Envigo, an animal research company that was investigated and charged with mistreating animals at their breeding facility in Virginia. This video is such a lovely sight knowing these pups were suffering before they were rescued! Check out the precious and heartwarming video below.

OMG, we are so happy for Hummingbird and her puppy! These two seem overjoyed to have such a large yard to play in. We wish we could see happy endings like this more often!

People in the comments were thrilled to see these dogs enjoying themselves. @_kayosss_ said, "This is the very best thing I’ve seen today. How precious." Another user, @joyreborn111, commented, "OMG, look at her playing. So beautiful! Thanks for all you do." The joy these dogs are displaying in this video certainly puts a smile on our face.

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Others were emotional over the thought of these pups being victims of animal testing. @theminersgirl commented, "I have tears in my eyes. There should never be testing on animals. At the very least people should remove five products tested on animals from their home." Another user, @ritamae1958 said, "I love dogs more than anything... Why can't testing be stopped?" No animal should not have to suffer like these dogs did in the testing facility!

It is so awesome that these two pups had a happy outcome after their rescue. We are thankful for the work of organizations, like Triangle Beagles, who are leading the fight to stop animal testing!

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