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Moment Rescued Beagle Finds Courage to Play With a Toy Is So Moving

Rescuing a dog can be a challenging yet rewarding experience, but from the perspective of the pup, it's utterly life-changing. Luckily for this sweet beagle boy, he was saved from a dog fighting ring by the @tribeagles rescue of North Carolina. There may be lots of healing still ahead of him, but every step of his progress is worth celebrating.

In this rescue beagle's recent TikTok video, he can be seen playing with a toy. for the very first time in his life. As you can imagine, it's a heartwarming moment! 

You go, little rockstar! We totally love this boy's unbridled energy and joy, but we can appreciate it even more when we think about his rough history. 

"A dog fighting ring? Wow, how horrendous," wrote commenter @pink.moon222. "He looks so happy now." We couldn't agree more! This sweet pup deserves all the happiness in the world. Of course, it might take more time before he feels totally comfortable in his new environment, and that's A-OK.

Viewer and dog mom @jennywo21 said, "thank you for the reminder. Even though I’ve fostered and rescued for a long time, I just adopted a beagle and he needs time to learn 'to dog.'” Thank you for being so patient with him! Pet parents know first-hand how influential unconditional love can be, so the least we can do is give that same love to our dogs.

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