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Video of Beagles Finally Experiencing Freedom After Being Rescued From the Lab Is So Moving

Despite the progress that has been made in ending animal testing over the past few decades, there are still companies who engage in this horrific practice. Luckily, there are angels that walk among us who work to rescue these poor creatures, like this Beagle rescue group.

Beagle Freedom Project is an animal rescue and advocacy organization dedicated to rescuing and rehoming animals that were used in laboratory testing. They recently shared a video on their TikTok, @beaglefreedom, of the welcoming of seven new rescues to the organization. Watch these pups emerge from their carriers and take their first steps of freedom.

Don't mind us, we're just crying our eyes out. Watching these pups experience freedom, some of which have never known a life outside of a cage in a laboratory, is just heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

As expected, people were so happy these pups are finally free, but so sad over what they went through before the rescue. @zoso1000 commented, "Makes me cry thinking what these poor dogs went through..." and @boblin481 said, "Omg my heart is breaking. Welcome to freedom sweet babies!" 

A few people, like @erikaslyker, pointed out a heartbreaking realization. She commented, "You can tell how timid they are on the grass because their feet have never felt it! So thankful for you all!" The thought of those sweet pups having gone their whole lives without ever feeling the soft grass under their paws is too much.

On a happier note, watch those tails start to wag as they explore the yard and receive pets from the staff! Several people in the comments picked up on the tail wags as well, such as @margee924 who said, "Every one of their tails start wagging as soon as those cages open." This is the perfect example of why rescue work is so important.

If this video stirred any emotions in you, whether it was sadness for the pups, joy for their freedom, or thankfulness for the organization, I challenge everyone to make a donation to the Beagle Freedom Project here, or donate to a rescue organization local to you.