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Sweet Video of Rescued Beagles Reacting to Their Very First Toys Warms Our Hearts

One of our greatest pains as dog lovers is knowing how many dogs are bad environments and in need of rescuing. Thankfully, there are many great organizations across the country who work on this exact issue by saving dogs and providing them with the life they deserve. One rescue organization recently showed TikTok users one of the many wonderful ways they provide for the dogs they rescue.

Triangle Beagle is a rescue and rehoming organization located in Raleigh, North Carolina. On their TikTok page, @tribeagles, they recently shared a video of an adorable group of rescue Beagles encountering their first toys! These poor pups had never played with themselves or other dogs, and in the video, these rescue pups come across a pile of dog toys in the shape of candy corn. Perfect for the fast approaching fall season! Check out this precious video to watch these Beagles play with toys for the first time.

Aww, this is so cute! We love how excited they were to get their paws on these candy corn toys, and we're glad these rescue pups are being treated with so much love!

People in the comments were so happy that these pups were finally getting to know what being a dog is really about. @penneyjo55 said, "Learning how to be dogs. Thank you for giving them a new life!" and @kateandkittyindigo commented, "Forever wagging tails." These pups are going to develop a whole new outlook on life as they receive all the love and care they've been previously missing out on!

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Others are in awe over the cuteness of these rescue dogs. @teenytiny commented, "They make my heart smile," and @iceyhollywood said, "Bless these babies." We're so glad these pups are getting plenty of toys, and we think it's such a treat to be able to see this video of them playing!

We are so thankful for organizations like Triangle Beagle who do so much to help save Beagles that are suffering in poor conditions. These pups seem to be doing so well under their care, we're sure they will find their fur-ever homes in no time!

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