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Video of Burned Rescue Puppy Making Friends at the Vet Moves Us to Tears

Every animal deserves a second chance at happiness. But for some dogs who’ve been through trauma, it can be hard for them to move on. For a dog named Little Buddy, a house fire in Northeast Texas left him with burns all over his body, but despite it all, all he really wants is a playmate. That's why a video of that's gone viral on TikTok is an important reminder of how resilient rescue dogs can be.

Little Buddy has been recovering thanks to the help of Let Love Live Rescue (@letlovelive_rescue). After medical treatment and surgery, things have started to finally take a turn for Little Buddy. And now, he’s back to being his old playful self, as can be seen in the footage recently shared online. The video shows Little Buddy trying to play with a cat at the vet's office. While the cat doesn’t seem too into it, it’s just good to see Little Buddy get back on his feet. This footage is touching hearts.

“Poor baby...he must be in so much pain...but he still wants to play,” @punkin852 wrote in the comments section. “It’s incredible that even though he has experienced the most horrible of traumas, he’s still a happy puppy. Get well soon cutie,” @soccer_mom23 agreed. “Don't worry, Buddy. Cats can be jerks! He'll come around and be friends soon!” @yolandebailey joked. “Someone better play with that baby!!!” @mamalindy added.

Little Buddy doesn’t have a home yet, but later in the comments section, Let Love Live Rescue wrote that he’s currently in foster care and is available for adoption. We think we speak for everyone when we say we hope Little Buddy finds a home soon. Hopefully, one with lots of playmates!