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Video of Rescued Senior Cow Seeing Her Sanctuary for the First Time Brings Us to Tears

A senior cow who was rescued from the meat industry has found herself a new home — but her journey to the new location is absolutely heartbreaking. Story will now get to spend the rest of her days at the Gentle Barn Sanctuary in Missouri. But seeing how hard things were for her before she was rescued has us deeply moved. 

The sanctuary (@thegentlebarn) shared the cow's full story in a video recently. "This rescued senior cow just arrived at our farm animal sanctuary after being 'retired' from the meat industry," the video's caption explains. "Typically, retirement would mean going to sl@ughter, but Story's former caregiver had formed a bond with her and asked that she be sent to our sanctuary instead." Throughout her life, many of Story's babies were taken from her. So it's truly something special to see that she's going to spend her remaining years in good care.

People in the comments section were happy to see Story safe and happy. "Seeing her face expression hurts me. She can never trust again but glad you're giving her golden years," @kolorful_gem wrote. "The way she keeps looking around. She can’t believe she’s here, in this beautiful place," added. "Yep this is why I’m vegan, literally crying watching this," @lavenderfordays chimed in.

We have every confidence that Story is going to live the best life in her new home. Or as the sanctuary explained later in the thread: "Now in her mid-20s, Story has a lot of lost time to make up for—and we will fill her golden years with nothing but scratches, friends, & love!"

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Thank goodness for that.

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