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Video of Rescued Cows Running to Get Their Cookies Is Impossible to Resist

Chocolate chip, oatmeal, gingerbread--Who doesn't love a good cookie every now and again? Whether you're a person, a dog, or even a cow, there are times when a sweet treat just hits the spot. That's just one reason why @thegentlebarn's recent TikTok video is gaining traction, though a couple of adorable animals never hurt. 

Tons of viewers have already gotten a smile from this wholesome clip, though really, it couldn't get any simpler. Who knew 17 seconds of cows running to get their cookies could be so cute and heartwarming? (Hint: we did.)

What did we tell you? It's adorable, right? If it were up to us, we'd have The Gentle Barn film every snack and mealtime--especially if they get reactions like this! And the cows' names? Perfection.

"Cows eating cookies is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard 🥰," commented @thenakeddog. You've got that right! Maybe we're a little biased with our existing love for baked goods, but these cows seem to be just as excited as we would be to get a cookie.

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"Houdini’s little grunt" was a favorite of @michigangal97's, and we'd be lying if we said it didn't get a giggle out of us, too. We know exactly how he's feeling! Commenter @dogmomchic also noticed that "Roo for sure was doing a happy jig😁." Hmm, do you think he was excited? LOL, we know he was!

"I do the same thing when someone shows me cookies 🤪," @skipskiphooray said, and you can add us to the list! A grunt, a happy dance--all reactions are appropriate in this case. Honestly, it's practically proven: cookies make everyone happy! 

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