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Moment Rescued Elephant Walked Without Chains for the First Time in 50 Years Is So Moving

Businesses that exploit and profit off the suffering of animals are awful, and unfortunately, they are prevalent across the globe. There are groups and individuals who do their best to help these animals and free them from their suffering, like this man who came to the rescue of one elephant in south Asia.

The TikTok account @planting_peace recently shared a video of the founder of Planting Peace, Aaron Jackson, walking along the road followed by an elephant. In the video, Aaron says they are rescuing the elephant, and the caption explains that she was found chained to a tree at an abandoned elephant riding camp and left to die. Aaron purchased the elephant's freedom and is bringing her to a sanctuary he owns in northern Laos. Check out the video to see the elephant take her first free steps for the first time in 50 years.

This is so sad! This poor elephant looks very malnourished and weak. We hope that she is able to make a full recovery under the care of the Planting Peace team!

People in the comments are so glad this elephant now has her freedom. @maggiebatson427 said, "She doesn't care where you're going, it's just feels so good to walk!" and @brittnicole2821 commented, "So glad this baby has been rescued. Hope she will be taken care of the right way." This elephant will be so relieved when she arrives at the sanctuary and can finally rest!

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Others are praising Aaron for taking action to save this elephant. @1amberluna commented, "This is so amazing!! Thank god for people like you actually walking the walk! Literally and figuratively." Another user, @wscher, said, "Bless you. How people treat animals says everything about them. Animals are so pure and should be honored and treasured." People who rescue animals are truly so selfless!

We are so glad this elephant was rescued, and we hope she is able to live out the rest of her life relaxing and munching on some delicious fruit. She deserves it!

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