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Video of Rescued Envigo Beagles 'Learning About Their Environment' Is Just So Innocent

It's been weeks since over 4,000 Beagles have been removed from the Envigo facility in Cumberland, Virginia. But life after the rescue mission still has its challenges. Just look at a video on Tribeagles TikTok page, which shows a group of the rescued pups having a hilariously hard time adjusting to their new surroundings. 

According to NPR, the Envigo facility bred these poor pups to be used for pharmaceutical research and testing, and were recently "found to be in violation of several federal regulations," the website states. The violation prompted a judge to order that the dogs be released within 60 days. The effort to find these dogs brand new homes has been a tremendous task, but there are places like the Tribeagle Rescue (@tribeagles) that are working hard to make it happen. Take a look as some of the pups face off against a water bottle was for the first time — it's absolutely too cute.

"The ex-Envigo beagles are learning about their new world in the most adorable ways," the video's caption states.

People in the comments section were in awe of the organization. "I just adopted 2 Envigo beagles. Your babies are beautiful!" @3for3mom wrote. "Precious little angels. I’m so happy they will know love now," @kellymarie030 added. "Absolutely adorable. That water bottle knows what it did!" @rutweety2 joked. "Aawww the big bad water bottle! I guess they showed him!" @ivoryandjade teased.

We hope that all of these Envigo puppies will find a happy home soon. But in the meantime, we take heart knowing that they have loving caretakers like these.