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Video of Rescued Foxes Seeing Their Safe New Home for the First Time Is Too Sweet

People who devote their lives to rescuing and rehabilitating animals are absolute heroes. Just like one woman on TikTok, who went viral for sharing video of a family of foxes that she recently saved. Fair warning; grab your tissues. This just might make you a wee bit teary. 

Kimberly DeFisher (@arcticfoxdaily) has a huge heart for animals. And a recent video on her page really proves it. The footage shows a whole family of foxes as she releases them onto her wildlife rescue, Arctic Fox Daily. "We revamped their new enclosure, and now this beautiful family has so much space to run!" she wrote in the caption. In the video, DeFisher explained that that all five foxes had been kept in the same cage at a fur farm, but now they're completely free. 

People in the comments section were praising the TikToker for doing the right thing. "This seriously warms my heart so much. Thank you for what you do!" @destinycruz151 gushed. "They are so happy to run around and actually feel grass," @gingirl007 noted. "Just warms my heart seriously," @malibuspacie praised. "Oh my god they’re so beautiful!! and now they looks so happy. Thank you for saving them," @circasuicide commented. 

Luckily, we think this family will live a long happy life now.

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