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Rescued Mini Horse Sweetly Says 'Hello' to Much Larger Friend in Irresistible Video

We all love mini animals, such as an adorable, small dog or a precious, tiny kitten. Being smaller just automatically makes the animal cuter. This goes for mini horses as well, and a video of one mini horse in particular is almost too cute to watch!

TikTok user @randrranchminis is a miniature horse sanctuary and home to 24 of these little guys. In a video they recently posted, one mini horse, Tub, trots in the grass along the fence and stops when he comes across a few full sized horses on the other side! He stands there with the two larger horses for a few moments to say hello and then continues on his merry way. Check out the video to see the sweet interaction between these horses of very different sizes.

OMG, this is so precious! Tub bumps noses with these two full sized horses and this interaction couldn't be sweeter. Our hearts are melting!

People in the comments are so obsessed with these horses, and for good reason! @phannon_59 said, "How adorable. I am in love," and @kimberlybradshaw6 commented, "So cute. Seeing both of them made me smile." This certainly brightened up our day as well!

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Several others joked about the miniature horse's footwear, such as @wisey3231, who commented, "The mini is wearing Louboutins!" in reference to the seemingly red-bottomed shoes Tub is wearing. However, the horse's account informed us that Tub is not, in fact, wearing those to be the most fashionable horse on the farm. In a comment, they said it is "a poly flex shoe designed for leg and hoof corrections." Well, we still think Tub is rocking those shoes, and we're glad he is getting the treatments he needs!

Working with two dozen mini horses to rehabilitate them seems like a dream come true. Who wouldn't want to hang around with these cuties every day while helping them with their recovery process! Amazing work.

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