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Rescued Miniature Horse Is Melting Hearts With His Whinny

Some of the most special, inspiring animals are rescues. Whether they're a dog, a cat, or--in this case--a miniature horse, a little love can go a long way in bringing out a critter's personality. 

For Flames to Hope Equine Assisted Services, who go by @flamestohope on TikTok, loving on animals is the norm. Their program helps both people and horses with their "equine-assisted services," but some of their recent efforts have been put toward welcoming Oli, a rescued miniature horse

The little guy was orphaned at 4 weeks old and listed for sale by his previous owner. Little does he know how much his luck has changed now that Flames to Hope has found him! Actually--maybe he does know; he seems pretty dang excited to be home!

We are positively in love with Oli! Not only is he adorable AF with his tiny self, but that whinny and prance is the sweetest thing. He's going to bring so many smiles to faces with Flames of Hope, and we are so, so excited for him. So are all of his new fans on TikTok!

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"He's gonna be hell on wheels," wrote @cjtully. "Love him 😊❤️." He certainly does have a big personality in his little frame, but it seems so fitting for the little warrior. We only hope we'll get "More whinny videos please!!!!! 🥰," like commenter @heathermusselman5 asked for. 

"The little baby whinny made my day🥰," agreed @kathybooks76. Wasn't it just the sweetest thing? We have absolutely no doubt that Oli's new caretakers fell under his spell the moment they heard him. No wonder he's been the star of their TikTok account since he came home! 

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