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Video of Two Rescued Mountain Lions Settling in at Their New California Home Is So Heartwarming

Two mountain lion cubs were rescued within the last few months. Rose was rescued in April and Sage was rescued from a school. Both were nursed back to health by the Oakland Zoo. But they needed a forever home. 

That's when The Living Deser Zoo and Gardens located in Palm Desert, California entered the chat. The zoo, known on TikTok as @thelivingdesertzoo, decided to step up to the plate and give Rose and Sage a home. Check them out!

Aww! We're so happy Rose and Sage have a wonderful new home. "Omg!! Are they viewable to the public yet?" asked @2Luckygirlz. Not yet, but very soon the zoo said! These two will take turns in the habitat with Salem, the zoo's 18-year-old mountain lion. @di_prekteacher added, "The Living Desert is awesome! Looking forward seeing these little ones." And we can't wait to see them loving their new home!

"Welcome to the desert Rose and Sage! So grateful for Oakland Zoo's hard work helping you thrive!" said @christinemontgome8. Oakland to this zoo is a whopping 7 hours away, but we know they'll get the love and attention they need!

@kay342034 commented, "So happy they got to stay together!" Same here! They've already been through a lot so it's nice that they'll have each other to lean on. Besties for life! @sylviastars added, "So happy for their happy ending! Kudos to everyone involved with their rescue and rehabilitation." Kudos and a huge thank you! 


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