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Video of Kind People Working Day and Night to Rescue Parrots After 'Hurricane Ian' Is So Touching

Two human heroes named Will and Laura were able to save a couple hundred animals after Hurricane Ian hit Pine Island and their bird sanctuary off the coast of Florida. TikTok user @parrot_stars shared the touching story of these humans and the 20 volunteers that helped. 

This team helped transport over 275 parrots and two lemurs off the island after the hurricane rolled through. If it weren't for these real-life angels, these animals would've unfortunately starved or been dehydrated. You'll be amazed by the scope of how much these people helped in this video. 

Wow! We seriously don't deserve these people. A 'thank you' is never enough, but it's a start for all the hard work they've put in. "Amazing humans for the WIN! Good job everyone!" said @palmer_becca21. Seriously, that's a lot of birds to look after but they did it! 

Will and Laura refused to leave the island until all the animals were safe. As it turns out, they worked for hours catching every bird and brought them inside to their home to ride out the storm. "Bless all of you this was a great under taking," commented @denisematula7. It really is, but they never backed out. They fed and took care of the birds day in and day out. @shilohboo2 added, "MY HEROES. ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻." All of our heroes! Now, the birds are at a different sanctuary until Will and Laura's is fixed up from storm damage.

Unforuntaley, Will and Laura's bird sanctuary was completely destroyed by Hurricane Ian. Donations are being accepted through GoFundMe to help rebuild the Malama Manu Sanctuary and so they can continue their care to animals. 


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