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Video of Pit Bull Checking Out Hotel Room After Being Adopted Is So Innocent

After spending time in the shelter and being adopted, even the smallest changes can have a big impact on an animal. They may never get over their fear of abandonment, or they may heal faster than you could've imagined. Either way, a small act of kindness from owners can make a world of difference for a rescued pet. 

Just ask @oliveoilthepit, a sweet rescued American Bully. She was lucky enough to travel alongside her new paw-rents just days after being adopted, and the way she explores the hotel room is oh-so-sweet.

What a good girl! We can tell that she's both curious and hesitant about the new space, but the encouragement of her parents gets her tail wagging. We love to see it! Just like commenter @eeeeeeeeee319 said, "I think Olive is going to have a really really good life!" You said it!

@Letitgo888 wrote, "Ty for taking him with you! We have owners bring their shelter dogs to board with us and they are petrified the whole time." That makes sense why they'd be so scared and triggered--poor babies! At least when a pup can tag along, they know their family is still by their side.

"From the Shelter to a Sheraton. That's awesome," agreed @dinglebarry63. "I brought my baby straight home and she OWNED IT!" That's so great! Every pup will take time to adjust after their adoption, no matter where they are, so we love to hear success stories like these.

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