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Viral Video of Dog Rescued From Puppy Mill Waiting to Be Adopted Is Absolutely Heartbreaking

This video is just one more reminder why it's important to adopt, not shop for your next furry friend. Unethical breeding leads to heartbreaking situations like this and so many others, but rescuing a pet gives not only that animal another chance at life, but the one that gets to use their space in the shelter, too. 

The TikToker who uploaded this video, Joe Kay, goes by @adoptingdogs on the app. He uses social media to advocate for rescue pets as well as connect available animals with their new, permanent homes. This video features his newest rescue at the shelter, a beautiful female Mastiff who has already been through so many tragic times. TikTok is pouring in love and support for this sweet girl, but the true magic will come when she finds her forever family. This clip is honestly so heartbreaking to watch.

Our heart is melting for this precious baby! We can't even imagine what she's been through but the look in her eyes says it all. Needless to say, the rest of TikTok is in pieces over this rescue girl, too.

"Omg this makes me want to cry," @aliciajanaechannel commented. "She looks so sad. I pray a good family adopts her soon 🥺." Us, too! If we had the means, we'd go snatch her up right now. Though after this video has gone viral, there'd probably be the longest line to meet her. 

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That suspicion is only confirmed after a scroll through the comments. "I want her. I'll break up with my bf for her," said @whitleythelove1. LOL! You do you, babe, but any guy worthy of your time will love this pup just as much as you. 

Whether any of the commenters end up adopting her or not, we know "she will find her true love and live the best life," just like @angharadbarrett44 wrote. "Can’t wait to see her happy." Aw--that's precious! We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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