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Video of Rescued 'Tiger King' Cats Adjusting to Life in Their New Sanctuary Is Beautiful

An animal sanctuary in Sandstone, Minnesota is sharing the heartbreaking truth behind the hit Netflix show, "Tiger King." The Wildcat Sanctuary is receiving praise all over the internet after they saved several of the tigers owned by star of the docuseries, Joe Exotic. Thankfully, these tigers are now living a much different life. 

According to the video shared on their TikTok page @wildcatsanctuary, 200 big cats were initially seized after Exotic went to prison, and now the final 68 big cats have made their way out of Exotic's care and into wildlife sanctuaries across the country — including this one. "We agreed to take in cats that we had open habitat space for," a voice over in the video explains. Even though they couldn't take all of Exotic's former animals, don't worry —"No big cat was left behind." 

While in Exotic's care, many of his animals were kept in tiny cages and bred all year round "to create more cubs for cub petting." But now the four big cats the sanctuary took in will be able to thrive.

People in the comments section praised the sanctuary for doing the good work. "Such a sad story for them but in so glad they get to be somewhere that cares now. They get a happy ending," @missravencrest wrote. "I'm glad they're safe now," @rubiehopper agreed. "'No big cats were left behind' honestly- thank you for including that I’ve been stressed if all those babies found forever homes," @lady_gag_gag admitted. "They’re all so beautiful. I’m so happy for them," @fariameows added. 

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We think we speak for everyone when we say that we are so relieved that all these animals have found a new, safe, home. 

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