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Retired Veterinarian Shares 3 Things He'd Absolutely Never Do With His Animals

As a pet owner, you're probably used to getting a lot of advice about how to care for your animal. Some of it is good — some of it's bad. But it's hard to know what is what; especially if this is your first time owning a pet. One retired veterinarian is sharing three of his top tips he learned from his many years in the field. And if you have cats or dogs it's definitely worth a look.

First things first, you should always consult your veterinarian before trying anything new with your pet or taking advice from someone who doesn't know your animal's medical history. But if you're looking for some food for thought, retired vet Andrew Jones DVM (@veterinarysecrets) is sharing a list of his three things he wouldn't do since becoming a retired veterinarian. His first tip: "Your dog and cat — they do not need vaccines every year," he said in the footage. Jones had many more tips in his video, but you'll have to watch the whole thing to see for yourself!

With over 2 million views, people in the comments section had some strong opinions about Jones' advice. "Finally some one said it!!!!" @mkay89 exclaimed. "I couldn’t agree more. "These are the three things I tell my clients as well. Finally a veterinarian that cares more about the animal than money," @choupette_3 agreed. "I worked at a vet clinic and what your saying is 100 percent true," @justagirlandherrescue added. 

Although some people worried that the tips weren't right for them. Again, it's so important to talk to your vet before taking any advice you see on the internet. But if Jones' video has given you something new to think about when it comes to your pet's health then it's definitely worth considering.

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