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Video of Rhino Sweetly Introducing Her Baby Makes Us So Happy

Baby animals are sure to put a smile on our faces, whether they're covered in fur, feathers, scales, or skin. Mimi the rhinoceros is no exception! The curious girl may only be a few weeks old, but she's one of the biggest babies we've ever seen.

It's even more special to see her and her mom's interaction with @kentsbush in South Africa. The amount of trust between the three of them is simply magical!

How sweet is this? Mimi's mom is so calm and trusting with @kentsbush--we can hardly believe it! When @brianfrostclaw commented, "that's such an honor. To be trusted like that from a wild animal is an incredible gift," the original poster responded with something even more incredible. "She is amazing," he wrote. "I’ve even had a nap on the grass with her." How? When? We have so many questions!

Of course, we can't forget the baby rhino's reaction to meeting a person. "Mimi running for her life" was a favorite moment of @juicefor_breakfast's, and it was a front-runner of ours, too. Her tiny jump is simply precious! If Momma Rhino had jumped, though, we might not be feeling the same way.

We loved @jackjackattacckk's description of the mom/baby duo: "Heavy assault unicorn and baby assault unicorn. It's almost as cute as the 'unicorns' themselves! @Kentsbush is a very lucky person for being so close to these animals, and we'll be patiently waiting until the next Mimi update!

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