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Actor Rob Lowe Cuddles Tiny Pug Puppy in Video We Can't Resist

No one is immune to the cuteness of puppies--that's just a fact. Not even celebrities can resist a cuddle when hanging around a little pup, and now there's footage to prove it!

Actor Rob Lowe posted 11 seconds of perfection in a recent clip that's already going viral on his TikTok account. With Lowe's looks, his status, and his new pug bestie, though, we're not at all surprised over a million people have seen it. There's so much cuteness in one video! 

Let the fangirling commence.

If this is just a dream, we don't ever want to wake up. A tiny lil' pug puppy giving Rob Lowe kisses is the sweetest thing we've ever seen, and we are oh-so-glad he posted it. Needless to say, so are all of his fans!

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"He is so adorable," said @kathyfauska."The dog is too!" LOL! We'd be lying if we said we didn't agree with you, but that comment's delivery was perfection, too. No wonder it's the most-liked comment of the video! 

"Puppy said 'oh my goodness I’m hugging ROB LOWE!!!!!'” @lindarossmanwilliams wrote. That would be our reaction, too! Seriously, though, Lowe seems just as excited to meet his tiniest fan as the puppy does to meet him. It's so precious! 

And then there's commenter @nycuser2021, asking the real questions: "How does he look so young still?" Right? Looking at this video, it's hard to believe this man is almost 60 years old. Whatever he's doing, he's doing it well. No wonder the puppy was "SHOOK 🙄," just as @_stephanie342 commented. We would be, too! 

If you're asking us, Lowe's appeal only grows as he fawns over the pup. It's just so sweet and relatable! "Amazing how a puppy can turn you into a little kid!" @amburr76 said. "So cute!" We couldn't agree more. 

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