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Robert Irwin Cuddles Rescued Baby Kangaroo in Video That Tugs at the Heartstrings

A video on TikTok featuring Robert Irwin has people online comparing him to his late father, Steve Irwin. And there's good reason why. Robert was so gentle when handling an injured baby kangaroo brought into the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, that people couldn't help but praise him for his kindness. And now people are also wishing the 'roo a speedy recovery. 

You can see Robert’s love for animals all over his Instagram and TikTok page (@robertirwin), but a recent video attracted a lot of attention. The footage shows Robert cuddling the baby kangaroo in his arms. "This little one's Chris and she was unfortunately caught in a fence and had some bad injuries to her little leg," he explained in the video. Thankfully, Chris' leg wasn't broken, but she understandably was "just a bit stressed" when she arrived at the hospital — but he's hopeful she'll make a full recovery. Take a look!

Thousands of people chimed in, applauding Robert for taking care of the injured animal. "I love [this] so much, so inspirational and caring, keep it up for our lovely animals," @kayleigh_lynch12 wrote. "My heart can't take the cuteness," @theamethystknot added. "It’s precious seeing someone who genuinely loves and cares for animals," @funtimeswithkim agreed. 

Later in the caption, Robert explained that Chris was "one of the thousands of patients given a second chance at our Wildlife Hospital." Meaning there are so many other animals who need love and support. 

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Fortunately, we think they have the best support team possible. Keep doing the good work!

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