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Robert Irwin's Pug Checks Out Her Brand New Bed in Cute New Post

Getting comfy before bedtime can be one of the most frustrating challenges of the day, though it's well worth it to feel so relaxed and rested. Just ask Stella! She may be Robert Irwin's famous Pug, but she has the same sleepy struggles as the rest of us.

In her latest viral video, @stellairwinthepug fluffs up her new bed in the most dramatic fashion. And trust us when we say you'll want your volume up for this one!

OMG--we are just obsessed with Stella and her little grunts. It's no small task getting a big ol' bed fluffed up for naptime! Just like commenter @tracynicol67 said, "I can’t tell if she’s excited or very frustrated! She’s definitely working on a renovation. It’s not a turn-key property." LMAO!

It's almost comical how long it takes her to get the bed exactly how she likes it, but we'd be lying if we said we couldn't also relate. Getting comfortable can be hard work! @Irwinfamilyfan knows exactly what we're talking about. They wrote, "one of my dogs is the exact same - has to make sure the bed is 100% right before she lies down." As if it would be any other way! Our furry friends know how important it is to be really, truly relaxed. 

Stella would be happy to know that she's helping others take a load off, too. @Joan_crawford said, "Somehow it was so relaxing. Just stared at the screen. What a cutie!" We could watch Stella fluff up her bed all day.

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