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Robert Irwin Saves Baby Lizard's Life and People Are So Here for it

Grab your cup of coffee, get yourself comfy on the couch and get ready for another educational episode from @robertirwin, our favorite TikToker. We've been loving every one of Robert Irwin's videos ever since he joined the app earlier this year. Each clip is so informative with loads of information and facts we never knew before. Plus, his videos get us all sentimental. It's a modern-day version of what we used to watch on Animal Planet.

His latest educational clip reached over 16 million views! A baby Blue-Tongued Lizard was on a very busy road, he explained in the video. But luckily, Robert was in the right place at the right time and he was able to spot the critter. The video continues on with Robert explaining what this type of lizard does when it thinks it's near a predator. And the creature was doing just that to Robert. So cute! Although, we don't think the little guy was trying to be cute. LOL! 

He does it again! Another rescue and educational clip that has captured the Internet's heart. We're loving this specific video because first of all, how did Robert spot the lizard? It was dark out! We'd be lucky to see the lizard in the daylight! But as @katiekoo1019 put it, "His✨Croikey Sense✨ was tingling." LOL! We couldn't have said it better ourselves! 

And secondly, we can't get enough of this because the lizard was really trying to fend off Robert. "He's so mighty and ferocious," wrote @the.hairy.friends. It didn't matter how big Robert was, the lizard was going to do everything he could to protect himself! "You: I'm gonna help you, little guy. Him: rawr," said @AmberLynn. LOL! At least the lizard knows now that Robert was only trying to save his life! 

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We've said it before and we'll say it again, but we're so glad Robert joined TikTok. "Robert getting a TikTok has been the best part of 2022," commented @Tara Griffith. Yes, times 1000! It truly takes us back to our childhood and watching Steve Irwin on Animal Planet! 

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