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Robert Irwin’s Nighttime Attempt to Wrangle a Snake Has People Amazed

Robert Irwin, the son of legendary and late Steve Irwin, has finally made his way to TikTok, and we are here for it! His mannerisms are bringing us back to our childhood when we would watch Steve. It really feels like we’re looking at Steve’s twin. Robert started his TikTok account, @robertirwin, only 5 days ago, and he already has over 1.6 million followers. We completely understand why. Everyone loves seeing this family’s care for animals and the crazy wrangling they do. And what Robert does with this snake in a new video reaffirms that he is his father’s son. 

A snake slithered its way to a part of the zoo where he would likely get killed by crocs or he would kill another one of the zoo’s residents, as Robert put it. So being the Irwin that he is, Robert decided to wrangle the snake and attempt to bring him to a safer part of the zoo. Keep in mind, he’s doing this in the middle of the night, in his bare feet, no less! Absolutely mind-blowing! 

OMG. This is sooo amazing to watch but also so scary and creepy. We could never! But then again, we aren’t an Irwin!

“At first I was like, ‘Who would do this?’ Then I saw the username. I get it, I get it👌🏻,” commented @pillsxroses. LOL! The insane wrangling of wild animals must run in their blood. “You are definitely your father’s son! So great to see,” said @Nicole Dennis. It’s also so great to him save that snake! In his follow-up clip, he and his mom, show the release of this snake. Amazing work!  

"Bro legit has the same energy as his dad. Bro, he'd be so proud," wrote @fletcher801. Steve would be proud of the whole family! They really are keeping alive his legacy and doing so much great work for animals. @Angie added, "I think we all collectively smiled while watching this." 100%! The fact that kids today get to watch Robert on TikTok just like how we used to watch Steve on Discovery Channel makes us the happiest!