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Woman's Video of How Much Her Rooster Hates Her Husband Is LOL Funny

Just like kids, animals too have their favorites. Some animals are a little more obvious when it comes to who they like more, while others just tolerate the human they don't necessarily care for. Trust us when we say, you'll know if an animal likes you or not. And if they don't like you, we hope it's nothing like this rooster. 

Not only does TikTok user @wannabeafarmer's rooster not like her husband, but the rooster HATES her husband. You'd think since they're together the rooster would get used to the husband being around. But nope! The husband must be alert at all times because the rooster is planning on kicking him every chance he can get. If we were in this husband's shoes, we'd need eyes in the back of our heads to make sure the rooster doesn't do a surprise attack. You'll agree with us once you watch this clip! 

O.M.G. The rooster was trying to run him out of the yard! At least the rooster let the husband get his shoes before kicking him out completely. LOL! The creator wasn't kidding when she wrote in the video that the rooster really goes out of his way for a sneak attack. 

In the rooster's defense, he was just being protective. We think... @Hyperfling wrote, "He loves you and your husband is competition. 😂." And once he can get the husband out of the way, the rooster can scoot right in on the wife. LOL! "The way Nugget walked over towards hubby WITH A PURPOSE 🤣🤣," said @okkkjordan. He wants the wife all to himself and he wants it now! @jane.829 added, "The way he kept picking up speed every time your husband turned his head 😅." It's all part of his sneaky ways!  

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You'd think that the husband would learn by now to keep his distance. Even the dog did! @Mandy Clamp commented, "The dog is like I’m just minding my business 😳😂." HA! The creator responded by saying, "Yes lol he’s been attacked before so he keeps his space 😂." Aww, poor baby! We're hoping these two can work out their differences, but something tells us that won't happen. LOL!

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