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Story of Scared Rooster Found Abandoned on the Side of the Road Tugs at Our Heartstrings

We will never understand why people abandon animals on the side of roads and in obscure places where they have a low chance of survival. It's cruel and unnecessary to put an animal you don't want in harms way like this. Thankfully, there are good people who take their time to save animals in these situations, such as one woman who stopped to rescue an animal on the side of the road in this viral video.

The Gentle Barn is a farm animal sanctuary with locations in several states. They recently shared a video on their TikTok, @thegentlebarn, that showed one of their employees finding a rooster on the side of the road and rescuing this poor baby. Check out the video to watch the wonderful rescue and see how the rooster is doing after receiving some love and care.

Awww, we're so happy this rooster, who has been named Nigel, is doing so much better! Seeing him trying to survive in such pallid conditions at the beginning of the video was heartbreaking, but thanks to the efforts of his rescuer, Nigel can live out the rest of his life peacefully on a sanctuary in Missouri.

People in the comments are thankful this sanctuary rescue is helping Nigel. @catmomkim1 said, "Thank you for helping him. Makes my heart feel good, seeing stuff like this." Another user, @bitohonea, commented, "Y'all made me cry this morning! I love and appreciate your hearts and all you do for our furry and feathered friends." People like Nigel's rescuer and the others at The Gentle Barn keep out faith in humanity alive!

Others thought this rooster was very handsome. @meghanrichardson_ commented, "What a beautiful color he is!" and @maddmina said, "I love him, he’s so beautiful." We agree, Nigel looks amazing! It's a mystery why someone would want to abandon such a pretty rooster.

We hate to think about what lead to Nigel's abandonment, but we're so thankful he was found by the right people and will be able to live out the rest of his life in like peaceful and relaxing environment he deserves!

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