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Rooster's Hilarious Sleeping Position Is Totally Giving People Life

Sometimes the day takes hold of you and squeezes everything out. You're exhausted that even getting to your bed seems impossible so you crash anywhere. You might stay on the recliner or the couch, falling asleep to the television. It doesn’t matter where because you’re too tired to care. Believe it or not, even animals get that way too. 

Apparently, life was getting a little too tough for one rooster. TikTok user @susie_lynn0 went to check on the roosters in the morning and noticed one rooster named Carlos doing something very out of the ordinary. He wasn't in the coop where he should be sleeping. Instead, he was in a hilarious position outside in a deep sleep. This clip has already brought in over 5.6 million views. You'll be LOLing the rest of the day once you see how Carlos is sleeping!

LMAO! Poor Carlos was so defeated. He didn't even want to crawl back into his bed. Any spot and any position would do to fall asleep. We've been there before bud, trust us! Heck, that's how we feel getting out of bed after a weekend. Just as @kevinkim6718 said, "That's exactly how I felt this morning 😂." 

Some TikTok users are commenting on what Carlos is actually doing besides sleep. @tn2ga wrote, "Little man is just trying to get his morning meditation in and you keep interrupting him. 🤣🤣." LOL! That's an unusual way to meditate but hey, we don't judge. @sierrafurniss158 added, "He's playing hide and seek! It's his turn to count! 😂." She better get out of there quick or else Carlos is going to find her right away. Ha! 

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@katielaine_w provided another possibility of why Carlos is sleeping like this. She wrote, "Carlos is actually 1/4th ostrich on his mother's side." Ohhh, that explains so much! Whatever the case might be, we just hope Carlos is comfortable while he sleeps. He deserves it! 

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