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Rooster's Clever Prank to Scare His Owner Is Cracking Up TikTok

Pets can be loving, comforting, and downright hilarious--even if they're not a dog or cat. In this case, it's a chicken who's making his owner (and all of TikTok) laugh with his antics, and we are 100% here for it. Carlos the rooster is truly something else. 

His mama @susie_lynn0 posted this clip to her already animal-filled TikTok account, and it blew up practically overnight. You'll see why! Not only is the elusive Carlos super antisocial, but he also enjoys giving his mom quite the scare. Honestly, it's pretty dang funny!

Oh, Carlos. Just a dedicated napper, huh? We totally get why Susie was worried for a second there, but we're glad this rooster was just being weird. You'd think this farm mama would be used to it by now! Still, we got a good laugh out of @queenmaemaeis1's Stranger Thing's-esque reference: "Carlos wake up! I don’t like this, Carlos wake up!" LAMO! 

"Did u give Carlos a haircut and now camera shy lol," asked commenter @rancho4aces. LOL! If that were the case we would totally understand, but this fashionable rooster isn't getting a haircut anytime soon. He's just being Carlos! 

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"Carlos acts like he's hiding from the police," @davenajeff noticed. Haha! He does look either super guilty or super annoyed, and we're not sure which is funnier. Whyever Carlos is "playing chicken 😂," like @harold__r said, he went about it in the most entertaining way. No wonder Susie's account has basically turned into a Carlos appreciation account! 

Needless to say, you're in for a serious laugh if you're ready for more Carlos content. Susie sure delivers! 

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