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Video of Deer Who Thinks She's a Dog Has People in Love

We're sure one woman wasn't expecting the surprise visitor waiting for her on her porch one morning. But she certainly wasn't angry about it. Although who wouldn't be thrilled to find a doe on lounging on their outdoor furniture? In fact, the comments section of the woman's TikTok video seemed perfectly tickled by the idea. 

The video on the @bee_curious page has been watched over 1.3 million times. The video starts with the TikTok creator opening her front door and finding her domesticated doe outside. "Well, hi are you comfortable?" the TikTok creator can be heard saying from behind the camera. "Should you be in that chair? You should not be," she continued. 

The TikToker even went up to the doe and and scratched her on the chin.  "Rosie the deer thinks she is a dog," she joked in the caption.

People in the comments section were cracking up. "The deer is thinking I'm glad my waitress finally arrived to take my order lol," @oz.lion teased. "Omg adorable! Yes she should be in the chair," @higginsvondoodle gushed. "Ugh I never wake up to a domesticated deer on my porch!" @melanne077 lamented. "OMG I LOVED IT. So sweet and precious. PRICELESS," @claudeglass1 added. 

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Later in the thread, the TikTok creator explained why she gave Rosie an ear tag. "She was rescued as a fawn when her mom was killed on the road," she wrote. "Since she is domesticated, the ear tag is her only protection from hunters."

But don't worry. We can just tell from this video that she's very much loved. 

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