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Rottweiler Proves He's 'Alicia Keys' Biggest Fan' in Video We Can't Get Enough Of

Video on TikTok of a Rottweiler singing along to his favorite musician is absolutely perfect — it's definitely a must see. Otto (@justottobeingotto) is apparently a huge fan of Alicia Keys, so of course he couldn't help but join in when his mom played one of her songs recently. So cute!

Otto's mama had her camera out and ready when she played her pup one of Key's songs. "You can sing," she urged him in the footage. "Alicia Key's biggest fan," the caption reads. 

You don't need to tell Otto twice. The pooch absolutely belted it after his mama gave him permission. It adds a certain something to the song.

People in the comments section were in love with Otto's musical talent. "Sweetest little man singing his favorite song," @papisuavee wrote. "He was fighting so hard, his soul couldn’t take it," @jasminechanice94 kidded. "I love how he's actually nearly word for word, while silently singing," @showhitt teased. "He was waiting for permission. I love it!" @lisarobinson54 chimed in.

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In another video on his page, Otto can be heard singing his favorite song by Keys — "Fallin.'" "Otto’s all time favorite song!" the video's caption reads.

What a beautiful voice! We can't wait until Otto drops an album of his own. Bravo, little guy!

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