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Rottweiler's Reaction to Staying in a Hotel for the First Time Couldn't Be More Priceless

In an ideal world, we would be able to bring our dogs with us everywhere we go. This isn't always feasible, but one woman was luckily enough to find a hotel that accepts dogs and was able to bring her dog with her on an overnight trip. This pup had the funniest reaction to his first time staying in a hotel.

TikTok user @laylahinman recently shared a video of her Rottweiler, Axel, exploring their hotel room when he stayed in one for the first time. Check out the video to see what Axel thought about his hotel experience in this hilarious video.

LOL, this dog is too funny! Axel was standing on the bathroom counter to do a thorough check of the room because he wanted to make sure everything was up to standard before they got settled in for the night. We love it!

People in the comments came up with plenty of funny reasons Axel might have jumped on the counter.  @jazy_22_ said, "He was just getting ready for the day LOL," and @weightsandthings commented, 'He said, "I’m beautiful and wanted to see myself."' Axel just wanted to confirm he was still lookin' good, and he was!

Others suggested that Axel was taking advantage of being away from home to live on the wild side. @queenmelisandre commented, 'He said "We ain't at home. I can do this."' Another user, @thevoidfloyd, said they imaged Axel said, '“This is what I call LUXURY.”' Smart pup to take full advantage of everything the hotel offers, including access to stand on the counter!

Axel's reaction to being at this hotel was priceless. We can't imagine a funnier reaction to spending the night in a new place, but we're sure he had a good reason for getting into this mischief!

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