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Video of Rottweiler Sweetly Caring for Tiny Kitten Has People So Touched

We all know mommas are a protective bunch, willing to go to extreme lengths to keep their babies safe. Here and there they'll let other people watch over their little ones, but that's only if they really trust that person. This is why we found it odd for this momma cat to trust a Rottweiler because a cat and dog on the same page is rare. 

TikTok user @mree1972's cat was up on the couch with her kitten when Maggie the Rottweiler came over to help out. Well, it doesn't necessarily look like she was helping at first. Some commenters said it seemed as if she was trying to steal the kitten! So you'll be very surprised what this doggo does instead. No wonder the clip gained over 2.5 million views on the first day! 

Aww! Maggie is SO sweet! We can see why people thought Maggie was stealing the kitten at first. Maybe she thought it was another toy. LOL! But in reality, she was just giving the momma cat a break during bath time. @kimorris1993 said, "They may be big and burly looking but they are big softies and loving." And this video 100% confirms that they're big softies! 

"If mama cat was the slightest bit worried she would have been immediately throwing paws. She knows Rottie is a great babysitter," commented @Holly Alliance. So true! Plus, the momma cat needed time to rest so any help could have worked, ha! @user5877406486452 added, "The cat fully trusted the dog with her baby, that’s so cool.❤️." Maggie was unintentionally signed up to co-parent. LOL! 

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Look at Maggie's babysitting in action! 

"At this point, Maggie needs to be paid. She went from watching one baby to babysitting 3 babies. 😂," said @msaustin683. HA! We don't think she's doing it for the money. She loves these babies like they're her own! 

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