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Rottweiler Sweetly Insists on Checking on His Human Kids Before Bed Each Night

Dogs are such loving and loyal protectors, especially when it comes to the kids in their families. Many pups take on the role of caretaker for human little ones, and they see it as their job to ensure they're safe and sound. One Rottweiler loves his human children so much that he's made it part of his nightly routine to check on them before he heads to bed for the night.

A video of the precious pup was shared on TikTok by @alliespack. The text on the clip reads, "Every night, Thor goes potty before bed. Then he checks on the kids. He takes a peek in (their) room to make sure they're ok. Is this the sweetest guy ever, or what? 

Mom must be so relieved and proud to have such a wonderful boy living in the house! How cute that he can't go to bed without one last check on his favorite humans. TikTok users are loving how dedicated Thor is to the kids in his family. @cbradley978 noted, "His look back at you 😳. He’s like, 'I’m just gonna go make the rounds, k?' 🥰" Another commenter, @Kayla added, "It’s the slow, tiptoe back out once he realizes they are asleep, for me 😢❤️." OMG so true. It's like once he knows they're asleep, all is right with the world again.

Then @theonlyannel made a great point, saying, "Dogs are our guardian angels 🥺🥰." Indeed, they are! We think Thor's mom should add a bedtime treat into his routine for taking such great care of the kids and keeping them safe. He certainly deserves it! 

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