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Rottweiler's Irresistible Cuddle Session With Mom Has Everyone in Their Feelings

Big dogs can sometimes be misunderstood, especially breeds like Rottweilers. These gentle giants may look intimidating, but if they are raised and trained properly these dogs are very loyal to their families and can make wonderful pets. 

Dog mom @nala_the_needy_rottie shows us the reaction of her baby when he goes to the park and nobody wanted to stroke him. Look at this sweet pup and feel your heart just melt at what he's doing to his mom!

Awwww. What a sweet boy. A lot of posters in the comments agree and are saying they would love to be able to pet and play with him. @Alyssa says, "I swear, if I saw you in public, I would cry. I love Rotties so much. They’re the biggest sweethearts ever." And user @Morardk posts, "Ummm where is he? I’ll give him unlimited treats and hugs! Such a good boy!" 

Such a good boy indeed! Axel, the dog in the video, seems very content in his mom's arms, judging from the other videos she has posted of him. This is your sign that the next time you see a big boy like this at the dog park, ask their parent if you are allowed to give him a pet. You may just end up making a new friend. 

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