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Rottweiler's On-Point Reaction to Seeing Mom 'Freeze' Is Quickly Going Viral

All pet owners wonder if our fur babies understand us when we talk to them. Sometimes, we will test them with words or phrases outside of their usual commands to see if their reactions correlate to the meanings of the words just to see how they respond. One woman tried this with her dog and the pup's reaction is too good.

TikTok user @nala_the_needy_rottie recently shared a video of her Rottweiler, Nala, sitting on the floor with her momma. In the video, Nala's mom says "FREEZE!" to Nala, and what this dog does next is too funny! Check out the video to see why this video is going viral.

LOL, this is too funny! Nala listened to her mom's command to freeze, and she copied her mom perfectly. Nala is such a good girl!

People in the comments thought this moment was adorable. @miss_nanz said, "Haha, OMG it's so cute how fast she changed her face just like you!" Another user, @dawnharrison25, commented, "She played you at your own game and won! How cute." This is just the most delightful reaction to get from a sweet pup like Nala!

Others were very impressed with Nala's intelligence and obedience. @juliana2oo7 commented, "She understood the assignment," and @aao4q0ohjf said, "You just lost a staring contest with a dog." Nala's too smart for these amateur games!

We love how well Nala listened to her mom's command to freeze, and she did it in the most adorable way possible! We can see why this would go viral, and we hope it inspires others to try this cute trend with their pups!

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