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Rottweiler’s First Trip to the Groomer Is Going Viral for an Unexpected Reason

Not many dogs get excited about going to the groomer, but most tolerate a bath and brushing just fine. This young Rottweiler had a very different reaction to being groomed for the first time though, and his parents happened to get it on film.

Rottie owner and TikTok user @nala_the_needy_rottie is the human parent to Nala and Axel, two purebred Rottweilers who cause quite a fuss on social media. With over a million followers and 19 million likes on TikTok alone, this furry duo is set out to fight breed stigma and show just how sweet Rotties can be. Younger brother Axel is the star of this video as he experiences his first s-paw day. Just wait until you see the look on his face!

Can’t you just feel the stress melting away as he gets his paws massaged? We can’t get enough of the loving look in his eyes as he gets rinsed and dried off, but that surprise nose boop with another dog in the salon was the cherry on top. For commenter @iamdestinywilliams, Axel’s precious eye contact was the highlight: “Omg when she was rubbing his paws and the way he was looking at her!! 😩”. @paulavanessaangel97 agreed, writing, “He’s in love with the girl who gave him his bath 🥺🥰”. He sure is!

Many commenters were quick to agree with one another about the stigma surrounding this breed. “Rottweilers aren’t vicious, they’re big babies,” said @smallpotato27, while user @catt.butts_ explained, “Rotties have fabulous smiles and they just get overlooked all the time.”

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Whatever the case may be, the happy look on Axel’s face is undeniable. Any groomer who makes a dog relax like this– just see how he rested his head in her hand–deserves a major pat on the back. You’re doing something right!

As @lorn212 put it, Axel surely must be "The happiest good boi 🥺" on the face of the Earth. You deserve it, Axel!

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