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Rottweiler's Greeting for Mom Today vs. As a Puppy Is Just Too Funny

Time really does fly! One minute, you’re getting a puppy, and the next, you're raising a full-grown dog. And while it’s always nice to see your dog get bigger, the transition from puppy to adult is admittedly pretty bittersweet. On TikTok, dog mom @ourgirllola_ wanted to commemorate her own girl growing up — although, we guess you could say Lola is probably in her goofy puberty phase.

The now 1-year-old Rottweiler has shared many special moments online. But it was a video her owner made of her as a puppy vs. as an older dog that proves that growing up isn’t always graceful. “How my puppy used to come to me,” the TikTok creator wrote over footage of puppy Lola running to greet her. But in the second clip, it’s safe to say that Lola has changed just a bit. Check out the difference.

HA!So many people wrote in after watching Lola’s awkward transition. “Yep, absolute mayhem,” @nicky666_bert wrote. “Even though I knew it was coming, I wasn't ready! Lol!” @Shaggywaggy8 commented. “From little gentleman to ‘you can run but can't hide,’” @hihighpie joked. “Well Rottweilers do struggle with balance a lot so it makes sense that she uses you as brakes,” @blaineholt2 teased.

Lola’s mama has shared other videos of the Rottie’s transition from pup to well, a bigger pup. Watching Lola learn how to sit, beg, and come over for cuddles is breaking our hearts! 


Don't grow up too fast, Lola. We don't think we can take it.