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Video of Rottweiler Mix in Connecticut Who's Looking for His Special Family Brings Tears to Our Eyes

Rescuing a dog might be a lot of work, but it also brings a lot of love your way. If anything, the trust and adoration that you and your new buddy build will be even more special when you know just how much it took to get there. That's the journey Trooper the Rottweiler mix will be on soon enough, and we can't wait to see him thrive in a forever home.

For now, though, this big love bug is staying at the @littleguild animal shelter in Cornwall, Connecticut. He is so lucky to be thriving in his shelter situation, though nothing will help him heal quite like the love of a fur-ever family. 

Aww, Trooper! He has such a sweet, gentle disposition, but we are loving the confidence that's shining through. Just think of how much he can blossom once he's settled at home.

"What a lovely boy," agreed commenter @suecsnowflake. "Hope he gets a home real fast bless him." You said it! We're sure tons of potential adopters have fallen in love from this video alone, so there's literally no way he won't be doted on for the rest of his life. He deserves nothing less!

"Forever home vibes for Trooper," agrees @reneenyc.2020. "Rottie mixes are the best 🥰." After seeing clips of this sweet boy, we can't help but agree! Whoever ends up with this big baby is so, so lucky. 

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