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Rottweiler's Protective Vibe Over His Puppy Son Is Giving Us All the Feels

Parental instinct is something nearly any species can relate to. We see it happen with our peers, our pets, and with wildlife, too. Just think about how many unprovoked animal attacks happen because a mother feels threatened!

One sassy Rottweiler is here to prove that dads can be just as protective of their babies. If you ask us, they're just as cute, too! The now-viral TikTok video from @fatback_therottweiler shows the sweet Daddy snuggling with his son. When their owner comes closer to pet the pup, though--Dad was having none of it! 

Aren't these two just precious? No one can resist a Rottweiler puppy! We aren't surprised at all that this video has nearly 6 million views with both of these boys starring in it. They're too cute for words! Still, commenters had a lot to say about the protective dad. 

"The pup is like 'yeah, you can't touch meh 💅,'" wrote @o0o10101. LMAO! He definitely seems to be enjoying all of Dad's attention, and we can't blame him one bit. Who wouldn't want to be snuggled up to a sweet floofy Rottie?

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"Awww that’s on being a good papa😁🥰," said @vanessaterry492. He'd better get an extra special treat on Father's Day! A quick scroll through this pup's account will show just how close of a bond he has with his son, and it really is the sweetest. Just like @firejuice7 said, "that is literally the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life." We think a lot of viewers would agree!

If you're like us, you noticed immediately that the lil' one is nearly an exact replica of his dad. Commenter @danyelsden sure did! He said, "boy, you look just like yo daddy!! 😂😂," and we're still LOL-ing! If these two continue to have such a close relationship, the pup will probably act just like his old man, too! 

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