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Rottweiler's Hilarious Refusal to Get Into the Car Is Pure Internet Gold

Everyone who has a dog knows they are the royalty of the household. Only the best accommodations are acceptable for our furry friends, and this Rottweiler could not believe he wasn't given VIP privileges for their trip!

When @shainahollands's pup was told he was going for a ride, he expected to sit in his favorite spot in the car—the passenger front seat. When he realized he was being asked to ride in the trunk, he had to take matters into his own paws. In an adorable act of rebellion, the pup tried to charm his parents into giving him the front seat. Unfortunately, this appeal didn't work, but the clip of the Rottie's refusal to cooperate and owners' solution is hilarious.

This dog figured if his dad wasn't going to give in after he rolled over onto his back, he was going to make his dad lift him into the truck—so smart and so cute!

Many users in the comments thought the Rottweiler had called dibs on the front seat and should be given his rightful spot in the car. TikTok user @devinne1122 commented, "Lemme see him riding shotgun," and @bblock17 said the pup "looks around for a witness to this injustice!" TikTok user @rereworld1002 imagined the dog was saying, '“Dad, who you talking to, is someone behind me?…cause I know you ain’t talkin to me!”'

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This dog knew what he wanted and required a lot of convincing from dad to relinquish his claim to the front seat. Surely, his parents made up for this unfairness with plenty of treats and belly rubs!

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