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Video of Rottweiler Pushing Her Stuffed Lamb on a Swing Is Everything

Because of their large size, some people often mistake Rottweilers for being an aggressive breed of dog. But after seeing a new TikTok video of a precious Rottie pushing her stuffed toy lamb on a swing? Yeah. Let’s go ahead and throw that stereotype out the window once and for all. You guys? This might be one of the most innocent, cutest displays of animal behavior that we’ve ever seen.

The clip was shared by @zavanah_destiny, and it’s captioned with, “Oh no, so aggressive.” When you see this lovable dog tending to her stuffed animal and giving it a little ride on the swing? We promise you won’t be able to stop yourself from going, “Awww!” Get ready for maximum cuteness.

Um, are you kidding?! First of all, this video is just downright adorable, no matter how you look at it. But where on earth did this sweet pup get the idea to push her stuffie on a swing? It’s almost as if she was acting on some sort of motherly instinct. That, or perhaps she was a human being in a former life? (Hey, you never know.)

Needless to say, TikTok users are totally enthralled with this precious girl. @Niclazotla Mar said, “Omg the cutest thing I’ve seen 🥺.” It truly is! Another fan of the video, @AngelsWay added, “That is the best thing that I have seen today. The world needs all of this aggression!” We totally agree! And @joyceborley chimed in with, “Can’t believe how beautiful this is!” 

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What an innocent, pure, perfect moment for this pup’s mom to capture on video. We’d love to see more of her fun times and adventures with her favorite little lamb! 

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