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Rottweilers’ Outpouring of Love for Human Baby Sibling Is Going Viral

There's a huge misconception out there that Rottweilers are aggressive dogs. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Rotties can be just as gentle and kind as the next dog. And if you don't believe us, take a look at a video of four Rottweiler brothers getting to know their new human sister. It's all love here!

Video of the dogs checking out the newborn made its way to TikTok, where it's been watched over 8 million times. As the dogs' owner (and the newborn's dad) The Rotty Ranch (@therottyranch) shared in the footage, all four of his pups were dying to play with the little bub. "I let my Rottweilers get too close to my newborn and this is what happened," he wrote in the video's text overlay. But don't worry, these boys are so incredibly gentle with their sister. They all keep coming onto the bed to kiss and check up on her. Just like the protective big bros they are.  

Millions of people wrote in after watching the video and were all caught up in this unusual love story. "That baby will always have a best friend," @tcopple31 wrote. "Hahahah they don’t know what to do they’re so excited," @kvakz added. "Fluffy walked away like 'Omg I got to see the baby up close guys it was awesome,'" @radioactiveaxolotls joked. "Fluffy really likes the baby!!" @kaitlynr.towler chimed in. 

Although of course there were some people who worried about the dogs getting too close. "I would never ever let a dog near my baby," @royaltysgaming wrote. "Love the dogs, taking a big chance dad..." @jodiegillum commented.

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But another commenter pointed out that you can't always tell if a dog is aggressive by the breed. "Rottweilers get such a bad rep but are such great dogs, just like people it’s all in how they are raised," @amacthegeneral wrote. 

And we think these four boys were raised to be as kind as can be.

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