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Story of Cat Lost at Boston Airport After a Flight From Germany Finally Comes to a Close

After nearly 3 weeks, the employees at Boston's Logan Airport can finally relax. They no longer have to be on the lookout for Rowdy, a 4-year-old black cat who certainly lives up to her name. 

She was first reported missing when the flight she and her human dad were on landed in Massachusetts back in June. Her mom, Patty Sahli, told NBC Boston, "I went to the cargo area and they said, "Oh, do you have a black cat?'" The news outlet continued, "She replied yes, "and they said, 'Well, we don't know where she is right now.'" Rowdy had been riding in the cargo hold of her Lufthansa flight from Germany, but at some point, she made a great escape and disappeared into the airport. Can you imagine?

We are so relieved that Rowdy and her parents have been reunited. They must have been so worried! Of course, this reunion is all thanks to the diligence of the Logan Airport staff who worked to capture her. Without them, who knows where this sneaky kitty would be?

"It's just a big relief," Sahli told NBC. "It's kind of unbelievable." We can only imagine! Massport, the agency that runs Boston's airport, told the news outlet that it was airline staff and construction workers who looked for Rowdy most frequently. Cameras and safe-release traps were also set up in areas where she had been spotted.

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It certainly helped that Rowdy's parents were part of the process every step of the way. They knew just how tricky she would be to catch! Sahli even joked that Rowdy, who "'inspects every box and every bag ... would be great at airport security.'" LOL--someone give this kitty an honorary position at Logan!

Besides, her mom said, "'[She] probably put a dent on the mouse population at the airport.'" She totally must have, because her rescuers found her in great shape...besides from being a little afraid and very, very hungry.

Happy tails, Rowdy! We hope you enjoyed your airport adventure.

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