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‘Sailor’ Cat Who Lives on a Boat Has People Completely Captivated

We have officially found the coolest cat on the block, and he’s not even on the block. He’s out exploring the ocean world with his parents. Meet Rusty. The boat living, island exploring, freakishly adorable cat. We'll be the first to admit how jealous we are of his life, which is funny because we'd never thought we'd say that about a cat!  

Rusty's mom, known as @bohomeena on TikTok, decided to share his lavish lifestyle after so many people were asking about it. We’re clearly all captivated by a cat who lives on a boat! The video she shared has over 2.7 million views and 644K likes. She said that Rusty loves being on the boat, playing in the water and of course, all the fresh seafood. You’ll be amazed by all the things this cat does and the amazing views he has. He’s truly living a dream! 

This. is. EVERYTHING! And all this time we thought cats hated the water. Rusty is out here proving us wrong! Turns out he has been on the boat since he was just 9 weeks old. He basically grew up on the boat! It all makes sense why he hasn't gotten seasick or fallen overboard (they have ropes he can climb back up just in case!). 

TikTok users are so amazed by Rusty and they’re jealous like we are! @D.E.S.S asked, “How do I apply to be your next cat 😂?” The creator replied by saying, “Hahaha maybe in 16 years when Rusty is retired.” Hey, we’ll send in our application now! As long as that means we’re at the top of the list! Even the actress Bella Thorne shared her envy. She wrote, “I wanna reincarnate into Rusty.” Don’t we all?! 

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"I bet he lives the happiest life," added @Sage August. There's no doubt about it. He is the king of the sea! 

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