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Video of 'Sad-Faced' Rescue Cat Slowly Warming Up to His Adopter Is Touching Hearts

When we adopt a pet, it is our biggest hope that they feel comfortable and safe in their new home. Sometimes, it can take a little while for them to warm up to us, so we remain patient and try to encourage our new pets to come out of their shell. When one woman adopted a cat, this is what she did and her patience paid off!

TikTok user @indirawood1992 recently shared a video of her "sad-faced" cat, Kelvin, who she adopted this past May, and showed his progression as he gradually became more comfortable in his new environment. Check out the video to see Kelvin's amazing journey and marvel at this kitty's wondrous face.

Awww, Kelvin is just the sweetest, and we are so thrilled that he is happy in his new home. He seemed so scared and sad when he was first adopted, but with a lot of love, patience, and kindness, Kelvin warmed up and lost some of the sadness in his face. This is the perfect feel-good story!

People in the comments are very emotional over this touching video. @cheeksq said, "Omg. This makes me all warm inside! So sweet. Thank you for all the time you spent with him." Another user, @yuvya__, commented, "I’m crying. He looked so broken in the beginning; thank you for giving him a loving home." We're crying right along with you!

Others were loving the transformation in this kitty's face. @cathugs444 commented, "The sadness in his eyes is gone. He now knows love," and @caitlin.fletch said, "You’ve changed his whole world." It's incredible how much of a difference a few months of unconditional love can make!

We just love seeing heartwarming stories like Kelvin's that show us there are good people in the world, and happy endings are more common than we think. Kelvin and his owner are the perfect match, and we couldn't be more thrilled these two found each other.

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