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'Sad-Eyed' 13-Year-Old Shelter Cat in New Jersey With No Adoption Applications Has Us Sobbing

We always think with viral adoption videos, those animals get picked up very quickly. That's definitely the case sometimes! But there's also the sad reality that even a successful video won't bring along the right adopter, which is unfortunately what happened with this New Jersey cat. 

TikTok user @rescue_mama1 shared the story of a cat named Frankie. His story first went viral on Reddit after a Facebook post. Frankie, aka Frankie Sad Eyes, was brought to the shelter when his owner, unfortunately, had to go into an assisted living home. And since then, the small rescue shelter has been looking for Frankie's forever home. You'd think after hundreds of reposts on his story someone would've adopted this adorable 13-year-old cat. But the sad truth will have you balling your eyes out. 

Ugh, we can't stop crying from this video. It's absolutely so sad that even after hundreds of shares on Facebook, Frankie still wasn't adopted. We understand why he's nicknamed Frankie Sad Eyes. You can see it in his eyes that he's heartbroken after having to leave his owner and that he has not found a home yet. Maybe his luck will change with this TikTok. 

TikTok users were commenting left and right asking if this shelter transports because they'd adopt Frankie. Unfortunately, because it's a small shelter they do not, but with all the comments hopefully it will show up on the right person's timeline. @Amy Quinn commented, "Boosting... NJ we know you gotta heart for lil man." Yes! We just know his furr-ever home is out there. 

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@Berta Vasquez added, "Please someone adopt this angel 😇." Pretty, pretty, pretty please! @amandadiaz said, "😭❤️hoping he finds a new forever home!!" We're feeling good about him getting adopted soon. Several people said they filled out applications. Fingers crossed! And hopefully, the power of social media comes through again! 

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