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Black Cat's Cool Visor Has Everyone Totally Obsessed

A new fashion season is around the corner so it's time to clean out your closets and prep for the latest clothes to hit stands. But first, the fashion industry needs to model the new trends with runway shows and photoshoots and fashion bloggers need to write about the upcoming season. We'll give you a sneak peek though! 

This season's hottest trend is going to be a bright, colorful visor. Yes, visors are back in. LOL! And it's all thanks to a black cat. Salem the cat, known on TikTok as @sweetbabyboysalem, was spotted outside rocking the coolest new visor. We've never seen a cat look better. With just one look at him, you'll be wanting a visor too! 

Aww! He's the best model we've ever seen. His confident walk is inspiring. No wonder the visor looks so good! As @Matthew Bull said, "Coolest cat in town." He's a trendsetter! Everyone wants to be Salem and now everyone wants to look like him too. We bet these visors will sell out instantly!

We all knew Salem was going to be a star from the moment we, and the rest of TikTok, laid our eyes on him. He's supermodel status. And we agree with @Stink Kitty's suggestion that said, "Salem should be teaching models how to walk runways 🐾." Well, there's a reason why it's called a catwalk! We just know Salem would be the best teacher ever. Maybe his TikTok could turn into modeling tips too! 

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Another TikTok user, @nevergoodwithhorses, commented, "Never in my life will I be this cool and I’m okay with that." HA! We are also okay with not being as cool as Salem. He's in a league of his own. We don't mind though because we'll gladly admire him from afar! 

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