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Samoyed Begging to Get Inside the Freezer Is the Definition of a 'Chill' Dog

What do you normally do when you're sweating inside your house? Do you crank up the AC, sit by a fan, or slurp on an ice pop to bring down your temp? They're all reasonable solutions, but have you ever considered sitting in the freezer? Seems like the fastest way to cool down. If only we could fit in the freezer, we'd do exactly what this adorable Samoyed dog did. 

In a hilariously adorable TikTok video from @kevin_the_samoyed that has over 3.1 million views and 677.6K likes, Kevin the Samoyed sits next to the freezer and begs for the door to be opened. We weren't quite sure what he was getting at. Maybe a pupsicle? But when his mom finally opens the door, there is a little empty space calling Kevin's name and it's a perfect fit! 

OMG! He's chilling, literally. How cute is he to perfectly fit in that freezer space?! And the fact that he wants to go in there is just unreal and adorable. But also, how did he learn to do this? We can't help but wonder. 

@HaleeC commented, "It appears you have purchased a Polar Bear with a tail. I will not be convinced otherwise 😂." LOL! That explains why Kevin likes the freezer so much. It's just his natural habitat! "I’m calling Samsung and demanding a refund. Mine didn’t come with a fluffy snowball 🤯," said @Joy Reborn. We didn't get one either! This must be a new marketing campaign we missed. And oh look, our refrigerator just "broke." Lol, guess we need a new one with a fluffy snowball! 

"Crying thinking about how he’s gonna outgrow his favorite spot 😭," said another commenter. No, stop it! We can't think like that. If and when he does grow out of that perfect space, it will just mean that his mom has to get him his own little freezer. We can call it Kevin's Kave!